Bay Country Associates


Bay Country Associates is a full service general contracting service located in Elkton, MD that specializes in commercial office fit-outs, light industrial work, renovations, and custom home building.

In the world of general contracting it's very hard to know who to trust.  Many times projects go over budget, take longer than expected, and don't meet expectations because of bad planning, bad subcontractors, or a lack of oversight.

When you hire us, we make it our mission to see your project done right.  We ask all the right questions up front, work with proven quality subcontractors, and communicate every step of the way.  We make it our responsibility to be your advocate so that you won't be surprised or disappointed.

Worden's Home Rebuild

In June 2012 the Worden's home was hit by a tree that fell on their house during a tornado. They were home at the time with their family and rushed out in the middle of the pouring rain to a nearby relative wondering what they would be able to salvage and how they would rebuild. Bay Country Associates got involved to work with the insurance company and rebuild their house better than it was before while the Worden's were able to go about their busy lives.

It was really a smooth process and I gotta say the house looks 100% better than it ever did. We just felt like he kinda swooped in and rescued us.